Year 6D Field Trip to Houey Hong

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 Houey Hong Vocational Training Center for Women

In support of Gathering Blue a novel by Lois Lowery

On Wednesday March 29th the 6D class made a trip to the Houey Hong Vocational Training Center in Vientiane. The students had been studying Gathering Blue by Lois Lowery an “in class reading project which incorporated the dyeing and weaving of cloth. On our trip to Houey Hong Village the students experienced an exceptional opportunity to learn about some textile fundamentals and experience the creative art of dyeing a silk scarf. It was a trip the students will long remember. The products, as you can see in the photos, were exceptional pieces of modern textile art.

In addition the students observed the active training of women from remote provinces who will bring their learned skills back to their villages and promote the craft through the development of a small business enterprise.

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