Special Classes

Information and Computer Technology (ICT)
Information has become the basic tool of modern day society, and we feel that our children should learn to utilise this technology from an early age. The IT Centers serves all students from Preschool to Year Twelve.

Music and Dance
Lao Dance, both traditional and modern, is taught at all levels. Lao and international musical instrument courses are offered from Year Five to Year Twelve students. All children learn the importance of dance and movement within Lao culture and basic music skills.

The music rooms feature a class set of xylophones, drum kit, congas, keyboards, and many Latin percussion instruments. Students also have the opportunity to learn Lao traditional instrumental music. Our latest additions are violin and saxophone instruments.

Gymnastics is one more activity that we have added to teach students different skills to improve balance, co-ordination and self discipline. This enables them to understand the growth, development and limitations of their bodies.

The art studios, with a variety of equipment and supplies, enables all students to participate and enjoy art and craft activities that are linked to concepts students are learning in their respective homerooms. KIS has won many awards over the years throughout the national and international communities.

Physical Education (PE)
The PE program gives students the opportunity to work as team members and to develop leadership skills. Some of the sports the students undertake are: basketball, football, tennis, cross-country running, swimming and water safety. After school hours activities are: indoor football, football training, and training for the Vientiane International School Cross Country Running Championship. The school also takes part in the Vientiane Basketball and Swimming Competition and has won many trophies.

Language Studies
KIS provides an “Experiences with Language” starting for students from Years 6 to 10. The students are required to study languages in the afternoons. Lessons will be offered in French, Japanese, or Chinese. Emphasis will be placed on verbal communication to prepare them for a multi-cultural world.

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