Primary Programme

The main aim of the Primary program is to promote all students to the next mainstream level at the end of the academic year. However, students who are neither equipped with sufficient skills nor able to work at an adequate pace will not be promoted but will be retained at the same level for a further year.

Students applying for a place at KIS are tested by the admissions assessor for competence in theuse of the English language. Students who are not equipped with adequate English skills to cope in mainstream will be placed in the ESL program.

The core subjects are English, Maths and Integrated Studies. The curriculum is content and skill based. Extra-curricular subjects are taught by specialist teachers to ensure a more effective program. The medium of instruction is English with a variety of methodologies such as whole class and group guided activities. Independent learning is encouraged.

There are two end-of-semester exams. In addition, teachers administer continual assessments throughout the year. All tests assess competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing.They are content-and-skill based to ensure that students are confident and proficient users of the English language.

ESL students who are promoted to mainstream at the exit stage require support to make sense of academic texts. Beyond the point of promotion to mainstream, students are closely monitored and receive scaffolding techniques allowing them to understand difficult and unfamiliar concepts and texts. The ESL exit stage is not the final stage of language acquisition. Students continue to develop in ‘Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency’. CALP covers a broad continuum of language acquisition and can take several years to achieve. This takes place in the mainstream program.

Beyond the point of promotion to mainstream, students require close monitoring and scaffolding techniques that will allow them to make sense of difficult and unfamiliar concepts and texts.

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