lanceIt is again my pleasure to welcome you, the students, parents, teachers, staff and friends of Kiettisack International School (KIS) to a new school year 2014-2015. This coming year again brings along with it a great number of changes and positive challenges as we meet the increasing needs of a premiere international school in Southeast Asia.

Our student population continues to grow numerically and expand geographically. In Vientiane we reached slightly over 1100 students last year, an increase of 22%.To meet the increased need for  classrooms and sports facilities, we took over and refurbished the old VIS campus and called it KIS 2. This campus houses our Junior and Senior   Secondary (Years 7 to 12) under the direction of Deputy Ron Lel. Our “old” or existing campus, which we now refer to as KIS 1, is under my direction. This campus has nursery, pre-primary, primary (years 1 to 6), and ESL. Specialty classes (computer ICT, Foreign Languages, Music and Dance and PE) are held on both campuses. In a search for classroom space for academic l year 2014-2015, the ESC program will move into a building adjacent to KIS 1 which in 2012 was used for our senior secondary. It should also be noted that our Luang Prabang campus, opened in 2012 with 70 students, has moved into a new campus and at the end of 2013-14 totaled 140 students, a 100 % increase.

While we are continuing to grow numerically and geographically, we are not only maintaining but  increasing the quality of the education we are offering to the students. We have become more      effective  in placing students at the right grade levels and following and reporting on their progress. We are adding curriculum content and raising the standards we expect.  Last year in pre-primary and primary, we moved our goals up a notch or two to assist the success of our children in this   modernizing and demanding international world. While our classes have grown in primary from one class per grade level to three to four classes per grade level, we have the advantage of loosely         leveling the classes based on their current skill in English. This allows teachers to better meet the individual child’s needs. The first yearly results of this leveling have been very positive with an      improvement in student achievement. As we grow rapidly, we have had to happily add new teachers to the staff. Finding the right teachers is extremely important.  I am proud to be able to say that our teachers, both Lao and foreign, continue to be highly motivated, love living and working in the Lao PDR and consider themselves privileged to be able to assist in developing the future leaders of our increasingly complex world.

We all look forward to a successful and academically profitable 2014-2015 school year.

Kind regards,

Lance Anderson, Deputy Director, KIS


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