Kiettisack International School has adapted a modified New South Wales (NSW) Australian curriculum for the Preparatory and Primary Levels as a teaching guide.  All teaching staff in the programs mentioned are responsible for updating their weekly lesson plans. The Integrated Units of Work for Science and Social Studies have been collaboratively written by the teachers in the program mentioned to ensure that concepts and topics being taught are relevant and meaningful for all learners. The curriculum is divided into the following Key  Learning Areas: English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, Physical Education and Creative Arts. Computer Technology, Music and Dance, Languages (Chinese, Japanese and French), and Art are special programs that serve to enhance learner skills and improve their total personal development. In Year 10, our  students attempt the IGCSE Examinations. Every year, we are proud to receive very satisfactory results in these exams. Kiettisack International School is a dynamic learning environment, and as such realizes the need for continual curriculum development. The growth of the school, both in number of students and classes, drives this persistent need for the development and expansion of the existing curriculum.

In addition to using the school resources to enhance the curriculum outcomes. Field trips are taken at each level to broaden the students’ understanding of the subjects being presented.

In 2014, Kiettisack International School gained  the licensed from the Lao Ministry of Education which allow us to run the Lao Formal Junior and Senior Secondary Level. The students who study at KIS will receive two certificates — International and Lao Diploma.


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