chansanga-rounded-smWarm greetings to all Students, Parents, Staff Members and Friends!
Welcome back to Kiettisack International School (KIS). I trust that everyone has had an enjoyable summer and is excited and enthusiastic about facing this new academic year. Accredited by the Lao Ministry of Education and Cambridge University, our motto is “Knowledge, Inspiration & Success”. In our efforts to maintain high standards of excellence, we rely on the support of parents, teachers, students, ex- alumni and the community at large. Excellence is at the forefront of all that we do. We expect each year to be better, so we must set goals for improvement in student achievement and for our school generally.
Being 21st Century educators, we at Kiettisack International School (KIS) have adopted many teaching approaches to meet the needs of world-wide education. This year at KIS, programmes will be implemented to assist students and to prepare athletes to meet the requirements of the country as well as ASEAN competition. As a result, outside the classroom, levels of participation in cultural and sporting events are expected to be high. At present, students frequently obtain outstanding national ranking across a wide range of activities. The development of a Sports Institute has provided extra opportunities to promote sporting excellence. In addition, the quality of our drama productions and musical performances is well-known and celebrated. Our extensive menu of extracurricular activities, both academic and recreational, is unsurpassed. Our entire staff is committed to establishing and encouraging a school environment that allows our students to flourish and to grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially.
This academic year, we are implementing the New English for Specific Purposes (ESP) programmes which will incorporate the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), based learning platform. We are very excited about offering a new curriculum which also focuses on the subjects of Business Studies and International Travel & Tourism. We will move the ESC and ESP departments to KIS3, which is situated just next door to the main building of KIS1. Teachers will engage in interdisciplinary teaching which will provide opportunities for students to apply their learning to real-life projects. Excellence is a value we appreciate at every opportunity, so we are encouraged by our students’ outstanding results. We are confident we have made sustainable improvements to student outcomes. We believe that effective schooling is a three-way dynamic, with the young person, their family, and the school working together to contribute to learning success. We are committed to ensuring that every student receives the skills, knowledge and experience that will allow them to take the next step in their lives when they leave KIS. We believe we give our students the necessary tools to have positive choices about their future.
We are very fortunate to have a talented and caring group of teachers and support personnel. The students are challenged daily with a demanding curriculum and are supported as they explore new concepts and ideas. A true sign of a great school is one where there is an atmosphere with plenty of smiling and enjoyment. The general environment at KIS is living proof that this school is place where students are happy, learning and engaged. We have outstanding students, staff, parents and community members. History and tradition at KIS run very deep. I am impressed with the pride in KIS that students and families show. It is clear that this is a driving force in the success of KIS from previous academic years, which augurs a great school year ahead.
I pledge my wholehearted support to improving student achievement at KIS and thank the entire KIS community in advance for your support and collaboration as we begin this new school year.
Yours Faithfully,
Chansanga Valakone, Director, KIS

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