We believe in the dignity and value of all students and recognize the importance of fostering their individual responsibility as future members of the world community.

We believe that all children should have equal opportunity for education consistent with their individual capabilities and with their personal and social needs.

We believe that change is a constant factor of life. Therefore, education should encourage students to develop personal values and thinking processes which will facilitate their adaptability to a changing society.

We believe that learning is a continuous activity that takes place throughout an individual’s life. Therefore, education should foster independent thinking, exploration and experimentation as a life-long endeavor.


Guided by this philosophy, the school will exert every effort to:

Develop  responsible  individuals  who  possess  the  ability  to  think  clearly,  logically, and independently as productive members of their society in the future.

Provide  an  intellectually  stimulating  and  challenging  environment  which encourages cognitive effort, the free exchange of ideas, and the search for truth and insight.

Develop  in  each  student  an  understanding  and  appreciation  of  aesthetic,  cultural, social, and scientific ideas.

Provide the opportunity for each student to develop an appreciation of diverse cultural and ethnic values, with particular emphasis on both Lao and English languages.

Develop  in  each  student  interests,  skills,  and  attitudes  which  contribute  to  the worthwhile use of leisure time.


Kiettisack  International  School  opened  its  doors  on  1  September,  1992.  The  school will  continue  to  develop  a  high-level  curriculum  and  build  a  mutual  relationship  with educational  institutions  in  Australia,  the  UK  and  other  countries  to  promote  and facilitate the entry of KIS students to overseas schools.

We intend, wherever possible, to follow methods of administration similar to those used in  Australia  or  the  UK  and  continue  to  use  and  adapt  aspects  of  the  both  Australian and UK mainstream curriculum. In the past we have participated in an exchange with many schools  in  Southeast  Asian  and  look  forward  to  further  exchanges,  not  only in Southeast Asia but with other countries, so that KIS students will have opportunities to study abroad.

KIS  curriculum  has  also  been  deemed  acceptable  to  Avondale,  one  of  the  premier government  high  schools  in  Auckland,  New  Zealand.  Avondale  currently  has  three former  KIS  students  continuing  their  education  in  their  schools,  while  three  more are  currently  in  Billanook  College  in  Victoria,  Australia.  Additionally,  KIS  has  sent students  to  many  other  countries  including  the  United  States,  the  United  Kingdom, Malaysia,  Singapore,  Korea,  China  and  Thailand.  These  excellent  learning  institutions will continue  to offer places  to KIS students upon completion of  their studies with us. In  keeping  with  our  goal  of  achieving  high-standard  education, we  have commenced inquiries into obtaining accreditation as an international school.

We hope to provide our services to parents with low incomes, including Lao parents who are government employees. There is significant demand from the international community in Vientiane for high-quality education. Many parents have children who attend school but who cannot afford to pay the high fees charged at other international schools.

We will strive to consistently improve the general operation and management of the school, including upgrading the learning and teaching skills of our faculty and staff through team collaboration efforts and regular in-service training and workshops as part of the teacher development program.

We believe in partnership with parents and regard every interaction with them as an important component of our growth as a school. Hence, we encourage their active role and open communication with us.

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